Facebook Status FB status new FB status

Facebook Status FB status new FB status

Facebook Status FB status new FB status

Facebook Status FB status new FB status. FB. is a social network service running without money free on the internet. Through which we are able to easily connect with our members, members of our family, people around us, or a company. This is Joe Facebook.

He is operated by a private company called Inkaw. The beginning of Facebook. It is the beginning. He was a student at Harvard in 2004. Whose name was Mark Zuckerberg? Who started them.

Facebook Status FB status new FB status

At that time, Facebook was called The Facebook, Facebook when Facebook was. Mark Zuckerberg's time in college. Facebook was then used only by Kollage employees. Facebook was used to connect with college people. And gradually it became popular by the college people.

And after a few months, the network of 'The Facebook' was changed to Facebook in August 2005. Facebook became Facebook in August 2005. We can use Facebook in Hindi as well as other languages.

Facebook Status | fb status | new fb status | फेसबुक स्टेटस | न्यू फेसबुक स्टेटस
If you ever meet, tell me how it is torturing ~~ your memories….
Take away the beat from the heart ~~ Your memories….

Love FB status For You

we are going to talk in this post today. About Facebook status. There are many of us who use Facebook. And this Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg is popular in the world today.
People from every corner of the world use Facebook. And share their favorite posts on Facebook. Facebook was created For college or schools.

Where friends there used to talk among themselves.
Later, this thing developed slowly. And Facebook continued to grow. And today people advertise on Facebook. Its product so that Facebook has also increased its profits. And the profits of the people are also large.

Today, Facebook is playing an important role in the online world. There will hardly be such a person today. Who bought a new phone for the first time in life and does not make Facebook in it. Everyone uses Facebook.

Facebook Status | fb status | new fb status | फेसबुक स्टेटस | न्यू फेसबुक स्टेटस
Proof of every single thing, *

FB status Hindi

And is connected to Facebook. Facebook shows us the activities happening in and outside our country. And everything we do in our daily lives. He posts on Facebook. Even if we are eating food. Or taking a bath, many people even put a photo of taking a bath.
Many people go somewhere to roam and share all the photos. Many people meet each other and share photos. Share videos Today, videos are also being shared very much on Facebook. So there are similar things. One of them comes. Sharing your daily routine.

Which is also somewhat wrong. That if you share your daily routine on Facebook. So your bad lovers are there. Who hates you That can harm you. They might be able to track you down. But it does not cause much damage. People know how to handle themselves.

Today people want to do what they want to show. But do it carefully. Now it comes. To write this post, I am writing this post. About Facebook that we post status on Facebook. Post photos. Some poets are written in status in photos.

Facebook Status
Nobody is so much
Win hearts but
Will leave a few moments like this
It will also not be easy to forget.

new Facebook status

Very beautiful and good - today I have brought a photo written for you. Not one but many photos. Must have written very beautiful sentences. Must have written beautiful Shayari. Which you will like it very much.

It comes in handy that we all share this with each other on Facebook. There is something written in the pictures. We also write. They also share something written. Let's say someone has to write Good Morning. So some poets are written on Facebook.

That we share with our friends. Now, let's assume someone has to share some feelings. Many people are on Facebook. Many are your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, you have to share some things with them. You have to say some things that you do not want to speak directly.

So in such a condition, people use Shayari written on the image. And by speaking directly to them with their friends, not with their friends. Speak through Shayari. Our Facebook status Shayari, FB status meets the same needs.

Facebook Status | Fb status | new FB status | फेसबुक स्टेटस | न्यू फेसबुक स्टेटस

मेरी अधूरी ख़्वाहिश बन कर न रह जाना तुम,
*​दोबारा जीने का इरादा नहीं रखते हम

Do not remain my unfulfilled wish, you
* We do not intend to live again

Meri Adhoori Kwahish Ban Kar Na Rah Jana Tum,
*​Dobaara Jine Ka Iraada Nahin Rakhate Hum 

Fb status
फेसबुक स्टेटस | न्यू फेसबुक स्टेटस

  👉 listen_make 👦 you are not so cute ☺ you are, 
😌 just my favorite 💑 has put you on the head

Facebook Status | Fb status | new FB status | फेसबुक स्टेटस
 💞💖 * Even after being away, keep every news of you .. *. !!* We keep you so close ... * !! 💖💞

new FB status

Just,,,, u only to smile my #,,,!
You remain the reason
Not right in life,,,, !!!
But,,,,, my life

Facebook Status, Fb status

 . Give two hands to deal with age .. *
* You have a little love, we do a little *

Facebook Status, Fb status

Don't know which plot we fell victim to, *
* The more hearts kept clean the more guilty you are *

Facebook Status, Fb status
✪⇶ Who 😒 says that ➪ time is very fast 🏃🏻
Ever wait for someone, look at them ..

Facebook Status

 I wish you had #Doordarshan's #Antenna
# Rotate you # rotate # set you‼ ️

Facebook Status, Fb status

 "Live obliviously
You also keep the news,
Don't even talk
And you also love "!!...

Facebook Status, Fb status

 * She has done so much in her life .. *
* He forgot which kiss... He does not even remember... *

Facebook Status, Fb status
She must have torn and thrown it, she gave the bangles as a gift I was afraid it would tinkle in our hands, then we will miss it…

Facebook Status, Fb status

 If # you understand ..
मुझे ️ # .. 😘😘 fizzle # me...👋

So do # dare ..
And then # forget_me..👊

Facebook Status, Fb status

 *साथ वही है जो..*
*दूर रह कर भी महसूस होता है....!!*🌹

Facebook Status, Fb status

 # Every color is beautiful # Sir_
# Just want to see it.

Facebook Status, Fb status

I left the whole world and made you mine, *
* Would you remember that someone had taken heart * *

Facebook Status, Fb status

Learn to swim in the water, my friends ... *
* Drowning in the eye is bad ... *

Facebook Status, Fb status

Facebook Status

# How ☝ to be # go 😌 # i_ you # separated from 👦, 😔
# Ddkn_ke_bghar 💓 a # Jinda_rh can ☝ # good.

Facebook Status, Fb status

*लम्हे लम्हे मैं बसी है*
*तुम्हारी यादों की महक*
*यह बात और हैं*
*मेरी नज़रों से दूर हो तुम💕💕

FB status

So, friends, you will also have many good things in your mind. Which you want to share with your friends through Facebook status through Shayari. So to fulfill your same need, I have come today or with a post. In which there will be all kinds of things related to Facebook status.
There will be every kind of poetry. Which you can also put in your Facebook status. And via message with my friends. It can also share via Messenger. And you can use this poem in many places like this.

Happy Saturday Good Morning... 👉 Saturday Morning

TOP Facebook Status in Hindi

Be it Facebook, or WhatsApp, Instagram, any social media platform. Provided by us there. There is Shayari written in it. You can use it. thank you, friends. To read the post. And to use images provided by us.
By downloading all these images for free, you can use them anywhere. Can share it with your friends. And you can subscribe to our website. And you will get notification of every post we make. Thanks, guys
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