Dard Bhari Shayari दर्द भरी शायरी Painful Shayari Hindi Aur English Men

Dard Bhari Shayari दर्द भरी शायरी Painful Shayari Hindi Aur English Men. दर्द भरी शायरी। दोस्तों इस पोस्ट में हम आपके लिए लेकर आए हैं। एक से एक बेहतरीन दर्द भरी शायरी। जब लोगों का दिल टूट जाता है तो ऐसी शायरी होती है। जो कि उनके फिलिंग्स को उनके दर्द को एक दूसरे के साथ बांटती है।

Dard Bhari Shayari | दर्द भरी शायरी | Painful Shayari

Dard Bhari Shayari दर्द भरी शायरी Painful Shayari

Itana Dard To Maut Bhi Nahi Deti, 
Jitani Dard Teri Khamoshi De Rahi Hai.
इतना दर्द तो मौत भी नहीं देती,
जीतनी दर्द तेरी ख़ामोशी दे रही है
Even this pain does not cause death,
Winning pain is giving you silence
Dard Mohabbat Ka Ae Dost Bahut Khub Hoga,
Na Chubhega Na Dikhega Bas Mahasoos Hoga.
दर्द मोहब्बत का ऐ दोस्त बहुत खूब होगा,
न चुभेगा. न दिखेगा. बस महसूस होगा.
A friend of pain, love will be great
Neither will it prick. I will not see it. I will feel it.

Dard Bhari Shayari दर्द भरी शायरी Painful Shayari Hindi Aur English Men 

Roz Pilata Hoon Ek Zahar Ka Pyala Use, 
Ek Dard Jo Dil Main Hai Marata Hi Nahin Hai.
रोज़ पिलाता हूँ एक ज़हर का प्याला उसे,
एक दर्द जो दिल मैं है मरता ही नहीं है.
I drink a cup of poison every day,
A pain that is in the heart never dies.

Dard Bhari Shayari Hin-En

अपनी फीलिंग्स को बांटने के लिए और वह भी जब फीलिंग हमारी सैड हो। और जब दर्द हो हमारे  फीलिंग्स  में हमारे मन में तो ऐसी ही शायरी हमारे बहुत ही काम आती है। तो दर्द भरी शायरी हमारे इस पोस्ट में मिलेंगे। जो आपको इमेजेस मिलेंगे उस पर दर्द भरी शायरी हिंदी में लिखी हुई होगी। 

Tere Bad Hamara Ham Dard Kaun Banega, 
Humane To Sab Chod Diya Tujhe Pane Ki Jidd Mein।
तेरे बद हमारा हम दर्द कौन बनेगा,
हमने तो सब छोड़ दिया तुझे पाने की जिद्द मेँ।
Who will become our pain for you,
We have given up all in the stubbornness of finding you.
Aur Bhi Kar Deta Hai Mere Dard Mein Izafa, 
Tere Rahate Hue Gairon Ka Dilasa Dena.
और भी कर देता है मेरे दर्द में इज़ाफ़ा,
तेरे रहते हुए गैरों का दिलासा देना.
Makes me more enlarged in pain,
Give comfort to the non-residents while you are there.
Agar Mohabbat Ki Had Nahin Koe,
To Dard Ka Hisab Kyo Rakhoon.
अगर मोहब्बत की हद नहीं कोई,
तो दर्द का हिसाब क्यों रखूँ.
If there is no limit to love,
So why should I keep track of pain?

दर्द भरी शायरी

और कुछ हम काम कर रहे हैं जिस पर की इंग्लिश में भी लिखी होगी। और कुछ में रोमन पद्धति में भी। दर्द भरी शायरी। लिखी होगी दर्द बहुत ही तरह का होता है। कुछ लोग प्रेम में दर्द से सताई होते हैं। और दर्द भरी शायरी ढूंढते रहते हैं इंटरनेट पर। तो उसके लिए हमारा यह पोस्ट उनके दर्द को बांटने का काम करेगी। दर्द भरी शायरी। थैंक यू।

Hansakar Kabool Kya Karali Sajaen Hamane,
Ham Par Iljam Lagane Ka Dastoor Bana Diya Is Jamane Ne 
हँसकर कबूल क्या करली सजाएँ हमने,
हम पर इल्जाम लगाने का दस्तूर बना दिया इस ज़माने ने
What should I confess by laughing
This era has made us guilty of blaming
Aaj Main Apni Hi Uljhi Hui, Rahon Ka Tamasha Ban Gaya.
Kl Jo Apna Tha Aaj Wo Begana Ban Gaya.
आज मैं अपनी ही उलझी हुई, राहों का तमाशा बन गया.
कल जो अपना था आज वो बेगाना बन गया.
Today I became my own complication, the spectacle of rahas.
Yesterday, which was his own, became unblemished today.
Painful poetry. Friends, we have brought this post for you. One to one best painful poetry. When people are heartbroken, there is such poetry. Which makes their filings share their pain with each other. To share our experiences and that too when feeling is our sad. And when there is pain in our feelings, in our mind, this kind of poetry is very useful for us. So Dard Bhari Shayari will be found in our post. The pain-filled Shayari will be written in Hindi on the images you will get.

Mahakal Status... महाकाल

And we are working on something that will be written in English as well. And in some even in the Roman method. Painful poetry. The pain must be written is very different. Some people are tormented by pain in love. And keep searching for painful poetry on the internet. So for that, this post of ours will work to share their pain. Painful poetry. Thank you.

English Dard Bhari Shayari

  1. We give shingles to the skill of ignoring you, whoever has taught us will be a great master.
  2. The pain was given, the pain was given, with the wound, he also gave ointment, he made my heart light with two words, and we vowed never to cry.
  3. If there is no limit to love, then why should I keep an account of the pain.
  4. Love will be beautiful in another world, we know only what has passed on us.
  5. There is a pain in the heart but it is not realized, the heart cries when it is not near, we are doomed in its love, and they say that there is no love like this.
  6. I drink a cup of poison every day, a pain that is in the heart does not die.
  7. Where are the pain-a-heart friends in poetry, amusing themselves with a little paper?
  8. The world gives good advice if the pain is of a poor person.
  9. You will not be able to erase my mind, once you meet my sorrow, you will not be able to smile all your life.
  10. Today I searched for it myself, I found it everywhere accept my fate.
  11. How many sorrows did we hide every day, with tears, every day we shed tears for your sake, you left me alone in the road, just hidden your wounds from everyone.
  12. The wound was further aggravated by false laughter, it was better to cry openly.
  13. They kept on crying their pain, stealing eyes from our loneliness, and we got the name of the infidel because we kept smiling and hiding every pain.
  14. Someone gives poison, someone gives medicine, whoever gets it increases my pain.
  15. These restrictions are very strange, someone wants to break someone, and someone wants someone to break.
  16. Let me write something, this is the need of the hour, my heartache is still fresh, my tears fall on my own paper, I feel that there is more ink pain in the pen.
  17. Sometimes promises fall in love, raw threads of love are broken, sometimes the moon will lie, so the stars get broken after breaking.
  18. Love is a strange affair, I love love, someone cried for a Vapha and some cried for a Vaafa.
  19. People kept on burning my smile, I did not show my pain, when I got what I got, I did not wish for what I found.
  20. Do not shed tears in everything, do not tell the heart to everyone, people walk around with salt in their fists, the wounds of the heart do not show everyone.
  21. Asking what pain you write so much, he has given a new pain.
  22. Accidents started pranking with humans, words started doing magic on paper, the success that settled them settled in their homes, those who broke their hearts started shaking poetry.
  23. A friend of pain, love will be very much, neither will prick .. nor will see .. just feel.
  24. There is a lot of life, there is a lot of desire, no one is sympathetic, there are many human beings, if you tell the pain of heart, then whoever is close to the heart is very unknown.
  25. We used to drink alcohol, he got rid of his oath, we went to the temple, friends, he swore by the Peled.
  26. Where we found someone on whom we looted the world, each one cheated, who forgot whom, kept the wound of his heart in the heart, if he said, he would make the lady cry.
  27. That is also the reason for my pain, and my pain medicine is also that, if they apply salt on wounds, what is the reason for love?
  28. Grief is not that you could not be mine, I could not support my love, it is not that my heart is lost, it is because of love that trust is lost.
  29. She knew that we have a habit of smiling in pain, she used to give new wounds to my happiness every day.
  30. They are angry with us that we do not write anything, where to get it from when we do not meet, I would have told the pain, I could have told how to show the wounds which are not visible.
  31. Without telling me why he did not know this distance, he left the love unfulfilled, what happened if the misery came in my case, God fulfilled his wish.
  32. When have we asked for you, your gifts, just keep giving pain, love will increase.
  33. The punishment for crying is a punishment for not crying, this pain is a punishment for loving love if you laugh, tears come out of your eyes, it is a punishment to take heart from that person.

Hinglish Painful Shayari

  1. daad date hai ham tumhaare najarandaaj karane ke hunar ko, jis ne bhee sikhaaya hai vo ustaad Kamaal ka hoga.
  2. dard de gae sitam bhee de gae, zakhm ke saath vo maraham bhee de gae, do lafzon se kar gae apana man halka, aur hamen kabhee na rone kee kasam de gae.
  3. agar mohabbat kee had nahin koee, to dard ka hisaab kyoon rakhoon.
  4. mohabbat khoobasoorat hogee kisee aur duniya mein, idhar to ham par jo guzaree hai ham hee jaanate hain.
  5. dard hai, dil mein par isaka ehasaas nahin hota, rota hai dil jab vo paas nahin hota, barbaad ho gae ham usake pyaar mein, aur vo kahate hain is tarah pyaar nahin hota.
  6. roz pilaata hoon ek zahar ka pyaala use, ek dard jo dil mein hai, marata hee nahin hai.
  7. shaayaree mein kahaan simatata hai dard-e-dil dosto, bahala rahe hai khud ko jara kaagajon ke saath.
  8. naseehat achchhee detee hai duniya, agar dard kisee gair ka ho.
  9. mera khyaal jahan se mita bhee na sakoge, ek baar jo tum mere gam se miloge, to saaree umr muskara na sakoge.
  10. aaj menne talaash kiya use apane aap mein, vo mujhe har jagah mila meree takadeer ke siva.
  11. har sitam sah kar kitane gam chhipaaye hamane, teree khaatir har din aansoo bahaaye hamane, too chhod gaya jahaan hamen raahon mein akela, bas tere die zakhm har ek se chhipae hamane.
  12. jhoothee hansee se jakhm aur badhata gaya, isase behatar tha khulakar ro lie hote.
  13. vo to apane dard ro-ro kar sunaate rahe, hamaaree tanhaeeyon se aankhen churaate rahe, aur hamen bevafa ka naam mila, kyonki ham har dard muskura kar chhipaate rahe.

Painful Shayari

  1. zahar deta hai koee, koee dava deta hai, jo bhee milata hai mera dard badha deta hai.
  2. bahut ajeeb hain ye bandishen mohabbat kee, koee kisee ko toot kar chaahata hai, aur koee kisee ko chaah kar toot jaata hai.
  3. likhoon kuchh aaj yah vaqt ka takaaja hai, mere dil ka dard abhee taaja-taaja hai, gir padate hain mere aansoo mere hee kaagaj par, lagata hai ki kalam mein syaahee ka dard jyaada hai.
  4. kabhee kabhee mohabbat mein vaade toot jaate hain, ishq ke kachche dhaage toot jaate hain, jhooth bolata hoga kabhee chaand bhee, isalie to ruthakar taare toot jaate hain.
  5. bahut ajeeb silasile hai mohabbat ishk main, koee vafa ke lie roya to koee vafa kar ke roya.
  6. log jalate rahe meree muskaan par, mainne dard kee apane numaeesh na kee, jab jahaan jo mila apana liya, jo na mila usakee khvaahish na kee.
  7. har, baat mein aansoo bahaaya nahin karate, dil kee baat har kisee ko bataaya nahin karate, log mutthee mein namak leke ghoomate hai, dil ke jakhm har kisee ko dikhaaya nahin karate.
  8. kis dard ko likhate ho itana doob kar, ek naya Dard de diya hai usane ye poochhakar.
  9. haadase insaan ke sang masakharee karane lage, laphj kaagaj par utar jaadoogaree karane lage, kaamayaabee jisane paee unake ghar bas gae, jinake dil toote vo aashik shaayaree karane lage.
  10. Dard mohabbat ka ai dost bahut khoob hoga, na chubhega.. na dikhega.. bas mahasoos hoga.
  11. zara see zindagee hai, aramaan bahut hain, hamadard nahin koee, insaan bahut hain, dil ke dard sunaen to kisako, jo dil ke kareeb hai, vo anajaan bahut hai.
  12. peete the sharaab ham usane chhuda dee apanee kasam de kar, mahafil mein gae the ham, yaaron ne pilaadee usakee kasam de kar.
  13. kahaan koee aisa mila jis par ham duniya luta dete, har ek ne dhokha diya, kis-kis ko bhula dete, apane dil ka zakhm dil mein hee dabaaye rakha, bayaan karate to mahafil ko rula dete.
  14. mere is Dard kee vajah bhee vo hai, aur mere dard kee Dava Bhee to vo hai, vo Namak Zakhmon pe Lagaate hai to kya, Mohabbat karane kee Vajah Bhee to vo hai.
  15. gam isaka nahin ki too mera na ho saka, meree mohabbat mein mera sahaara na ban saka, gam to isaka bhee nahin ki sukoon dil ka lut gaya, gam to isaka hai ki mohabbat se bharosa hee uth gaya.
  16. vo jaan gayee thee hamen dard mein muskaraane kee aadat hai, detee thee naya jakhm vo roj meree khushee ke lie.
  17. vo naaraaz hain hamase ki ham kuchh likhate nahin, kahaan se laen laphz jab hamako milate nahin, dard kee zubaan hotee to bata dete shaayad, vo zakhm kaise dikhae jo dikhate nahin.
  18. bin bataaye usane na jaane kyon ye dooree kar dee, bichhad ke usane mohabbat hee adhooree kar dee, mere mukaddar mein gam aaye to kya hua, khuda ne usakee khvaahish to pooree kar dee.
  19. ham ne kab maanga hai tum se, apanee vafaon ka sila, bas dard dete raha karo, mohabbat badhatee jaegee.
  20. rone kee saza na rulaane kee saza hai, ye Dard Mohabbat ko nibhaane kee saza hai, hansate hain to aankhon se nikal aate hain aansoo, ye us shakhs se dil lagaane kee saza hai


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